Getting crafty…

Well I decided to get crafty the other day. I just really wanted the new Lancome flower highlighter but it sold out before I could buy it. Then a couple of days later i saw a post on Instagram of a girl that had made her own so I thought why not I’ll try it myself.

So the day started off with me nipping to hobby craft and getting all the supplies that I needed only cost me around £10. I used an old revolution highlighter which had been sat in my drawer for months. Ten minutes later and I was finished voila…

I have my very own flower highlighter for the cheap price of £10 instead of £35.

Megan x


First blog post

My very first blog post. I’m scared! 

The reason I have started this blog is to show you my love with fashion, beauty and food. For a while now I have been meaning to start a blog but now i feel is the right time. My love for fashion started when i was a teenager and being plus size made it hard to buy clothes. However now the world of fashion i believe is our oyster, with plenty of clothing stores now selling plus size. MAKEUP IS MY LIFE! I’m a sucker for anything beauty related i think this comes from watching my mum and being in ore of how wonderful she always look. Oh and well food I LOVE IT! (maybe a bit too much haha.)

Please feel free to pop by and have an insight of what goes through my weird mind.

Megan x